Type of room Price from 2 to 4 nights -10% from 5 to 10 nights -20% from 11 to 20 nights - 30% Price per a month without cleaning  Price per month with everyday clening
Standard single 38,00lv. 34,20lv. 20,40lv. 26,60lv.   .
Standard double 45,00lv. 40,50lv. 36,00lv. 31,50lv.    
Studio single 43,00lv. 38,70lv. 34,40lv. 30,10lv.    
Studio double 50,00lv. 45,00lv. 40,00lv. 35,00lv. .  
Studio triple 60,00lv. 54,00lv. 48,00lv. 42,00lv.    
Studio with king size bed and double jacuzzi 100,00lv. 90,00lv. 80,00lv. 70,00lv.    


Price for Pri Popa Guest House

Type of room  Price from 2 to 4 nights  -10%

from 5 to 10 nights -20%

from 11 to 20 nights  - 30% Price per a month without cleaning Price per a month with everyday clening
Single room 30,00lv. 27,00lv. 24,00lv. 21,00lv.    
Double room 40,00lv. 36,00lv. 32,00lv. 28,00lv.    
Triple room 50,00lv. 45,00lv. 40,00lv. 35,00lv. .  
Apartament or studio for four people 70,00lv. 63,00lv. 56,00lv. 79,00lv.